Going to Ikea. For the hell of it.

Based on our Dr. Google research (best parents ever?), we have concluded that our son has foot, hand and mouth disease. He broke out into a rash on his face and he slept like a mofo this past weekend. Even more so than me.

With that, we had to forego daycare and play at home today. By 8:30 a.m., I was going nuts. I can handle lying low over the course of a weekend, but I need to keep busy during the week.

So…we went to Ikea. For the hell of it.

Yep. I drove us an hour to pick up a potty for Alex and mentally spend hundreds of dollars on home decor.

This would look perfect in the living room. Right, husband?

This would look perfect in the living room. Right, husband?


Sidenote: I would have never thought that hearing my child say “poo poo” before crapping his pants would make me so proud. But it does.

It was surprising to see just how kid-friendly Ikea is – and they serve beer for parents! If you ever head there on a Tuesday morning, you’ll discover – as I did – that it’s where moms bring their children. Forget the library. Forget the pool. In the nation’s capital, Ikea is where it’s at. The kids think the toys and gadgets are fun and moms get to dream up weekend furniture projects for their husbands. It’s the perfect playdate location.

I was eating macaroni and cheese.

I was eating macaroni and cheese.

I ended up leaving with the potty, a leash hanger and a navy blue candle. So random.

We’re at home again tomorrow and I’m already thinking of ways we can spend our time. There are only so many minutes that Alex and I can play Megablocks before we start throwing them across the room.