Well, hello, there.

I’m back. I think. I just recently caught up on a friend’s blog, and I love the way she writes and captures her everyday family life. It’s those little stories that we’ll all forget in 20 years (or 20 minutes), which got me thinking about returning to the blog to capture those memories of my own. And to write run-on sentences. And incomplete ones, too.

Since I last logged in, a lot has happened.

1. This Girl. We welcomed Margaret Isabel James (Maggie) into our lives:


Oh, she makes me so happy. She was born Nov. 8, exactly 23 months after her brother’s arrival. She started smiling at four weeks, and loves to coo, chat and giggle at anyone who crosses her path. Alex was a very chilled out baby, and Maggie’s proving to follow in her brother’s footsteps. We don’t know how we got so lucky with our babies, but we’re grateful each day for them.

2. No sleep. Though she may smile, she does not sleep. Maggie is a busy girl, which means she’s had her share of sleeping struggles. We’re getting there in our attempts to get her to sleep, but it requires swaddling and NOT missing her tired window of opportunity! She is vocal. Kinda like her dad. đŸ˜‰

3. Breastfeeding. I had my share of struggles with Alex and breastfeeding. I just couldn’t keep up with him. I had an amazing first three months of breastfeeding with Mags, almost doing it exclusively. But at the 3.5-month mark, she keep asking for more food every hour, and she wasn’t sleeping. I pumped to discover I’m not producing as much milk as she needs, so I’ve switched to supplementing and pumping. Following such a tiring and heartbreaking experience with Alex, I’ve been quick to recognize the same trend in Mags and put my ego to the side. The result? A much happier baby and a much more relaxed mama.

4. Alex’s Adjustment. Alex immediately took to Maggie. “My hold her!” is a constant request in our household, and he’s always bringing us her bottle, soother and blanket. And she feels the same way about him. When Alex walks into her view, she immediately lights up and loves to watch him play. It’s endearing and I’ll have to remember those moments for when they’re fighting over toys later in life!

5. The gallbladder. My gallbladder was removed on Dec. 16, five weeks after Maggie’s birth, and the day after we had to bring her to CHEO due to a fever. The surgery went well, but I’d say it was one of the most stressful/exhausting weeks of our lives. I was unable to help out much, Maggie was sick, and Toby was trying to balance it all out. We survived and were happy to see 2015 arrive. I was also happy when the pizza delivery guy arrived at my doorstep. Hello, pizza. I’ve missed you.

This Sunday, Maggie turns four months old. I can’t imagine our lives without her now, and it feels good to write about our family life again.


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