Gratitude and Daddy Poo

I got a text from my friend recently who said he is excited for my gallbladder removal so that I’ll be back to my funny self.

When I asked him if I meant I had lost my sense of humour, I could hear the crickets travel through text travel time!

With that, I got to thinking about the struggles of pregnancy, and want to showcase my gratitude for all the things happening in my life. And while I’m in countdown mode for the birth of our second child, I still see a lot of light in the days that pass.

Here are just a few:

This guy:


Every day, our son makes me laugh. He finds humour in balancing a spoon on his head; on tipping his tractors, just as Mater does in the movie, Cars; and when he spots a boat, car, truck, tractor or any other mode of transportation. His personality is coming out, and it’s so fun to watch his mind grow.


Here are just some of the things that have come out of his mouth:


“Daddy poo”

“Why? Why? Why?”‘



“Baby” (and points to everyone’s belly)

“What ‘dat?”

“Lie down!” (to the dog)


“Wha’ You Doin?”

He gets joy from seeing our reaction to his new words and phrases and we get so much joy from watching his funny antics.


#2. This other guy


This is how Toby dressed Alex for grocery shopping last weekend. Yep. A Basketball jersey mixed with camo shorts. Was I about to make him change the outfit? Not a chance. Toby’s been good to relieve me of household duties as the pregnancy progresses. From dog walks to toddler grocery trips, I’ve been able to rest because he’s helping out. He also rubs my back and reads me twitter posts from the account, “Texts from Last Night”, when we’re in the ER together after a gallbladder attack.


3. Infinity Jewelry


Last week a parcel arrived in the mail for me from a friend. It was an infinity necklace and earrings from Lia Sophia. I had looked at the magazine recently, but didn’t go through with any purchases. My husband surprised me by ordering the two pieces without my knowledge. Now, when I’m annoyed with him, he points to my necklace, smiles, and says, “Forever”.

While I may not entirely be myself these days (you know, as in, Kristen, Tina and Giselle moulded into one person), I try not to lose track of the things that make me smile and grateful.


What made you smile today?


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