One run and two naps: how pregnancy has forced me to slow down

Remember that time I ran four kilometres and had to take two naps the following day?

True story.

On Friday evening, I was feeling pretty good and pitched to Toby that I’d like to go for a run following Alex’s bedtime.

He raised his eyebrows at me, but replied, “Sure, go ahead.”

I ran four kilometres. It was beautiful outside. Sure, my breathing was like that of Fatty McGee’s trying to get up the library steps, but  I was smiling.

Exercising sure felt great.

Fast forward to Saturday. By 9 a.m., I was back in bed for a 20-minute rest. I then could barely make it through the afternoon and napped again at 3 p.m. Simply put, the run kicked my ass.

I was supposed to join my sister for four kilometres of her training run on Sunday morning, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Running is my outlet. So when it was taken away from me during my 10 weeks of pregnancy sickness, I felt more like ‘myself’ when I got back into it again. This is especially true since I struggle with my mood levels during pregnancy. If I don’t get that outlet to be rid of my ‘yas yas’, I won’t know how to deal with my energy.

When re-evaluating, maybe I could join the College gym again and take it easy on the elliptical and bicycle. Or there’s always pre-natal yoga, but it’s a half-hour drive away. There’s also the library steps. “But I like the stairs!”

So many (non-running) options.

So – tell me – what did you do for exercise when you were pregnant?



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