What’s going on in our household

In case you’ve been on standby since my most recent post, a few things have gone down in the James’ Household:

1. I did not get my sh*t organized. In fact, that photo of the basement has turned into a tremendously worse image. I’m pretty sure there are trolls now living among the toddler tower of clothing bins down there.

2. I’m pregnant.

3. Hence, why number 1 never got accomplished.

First thing’s first: we’re so, so ecstatic to be expecting our second child, who is due Nov. 2. We feel fortunate that we can have children and that our family continues to grow. The kiddos will be 23 month apart, which means they’ll be best friends for life and can share the household chores. Ha! I’m so naive.

"Can I get an Alleluia?!"

“Can I get an Alleluia?!”

(This child really has no idea what kind of damage is about to be done to his world).

Second thing’s second: pregnancy and I are not very good friends. I obviously LOVE the outcome of pregnancy, but the process itself has been troubling for me. Since Week 8, I’ve been getting sick 1-3 times a day and that’s when I’m on medication for the nausea. Boo hoo, I know.

The good thing is that I have a full appetite, which means I can at least consume salads and vitamins for the little one before throwing it back up. I’m currently approaching the 17-week mark, and the sickness has eased up, which means the endless consumption of toasted English Muffins and Cheez Whiz (yes, don’t judge me) topping has been reduced to twice daily.

So what’s in store for the next five-six months, as we wait for the arrival of our little Bike (the nickname)?

I can tell you one thing: I’ve thrown up, err, out all my to-do goals for the year.

Instead, I’m really working to chill out and to actually breathe. I can work to get my sh*t together and try new things every month, but I really need to just learn to focus more on the present and to not be overwhelmed with what life’s about to throw our way.

Easier said than done, right?

P.S. If there are grammatical errors, I blame prego brain. And the trolls.


If you have young children, how do you keep it all together?

What was your “go-to” pregnancy eat?


4 thoughts on “What’s going on in our household

  1. Welcome baaaaaack. I’ve missed you, James on Jessie. We need to catch up. After I stop reading everyone else’s blogs and deal with my own blogchild.

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