Financial Fix

Picture this: it’s New Year’s Day morning and you swear you’re going to hit the gym five days a week. The motivation runs you hard for the month. You’re feeling good, your jeans fit again and you can’t stop talking about your workouts.

Suddenly, it’s February 28 and you find yourself lying on the couch, watching The Voice and slamming homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Okay, maybe that last part is just what I’m currently doing every night these days.

That same gym motivation can be compared to my financial focus. I did so, very well with my January finances. But, with any habit-forming challenge, the interest wanes and the accountability drops.


I stopped writing my down my daily expenses.

I talked less about my finances.


I’m reading a lot of financial literature these days, and it’s given me some great perspective on budgeting, saving for retirement and paying off debt.

I looked into a pension plan. The numbers scare me, but it’s the best way to save for retirement.

I only allowed myself $200 in spending money last month, and I ended up having to hit up my March drawer money by Feb. 25. I was mad at myself, but then I realized I only went $40 over budget.

We came UNDER our grocery budget for the month! ($580)


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