Turning our dog into artwork: an hommage to Tux

This month we’re focusing on trimming Tux’s waistline. To honour the pooch of the house, I recently took a pinterest idea and actually turned it into reality this month.

I silhouetted him.

Dog art

I did a mini-photo shoot with Tux  in the living room (fancy! Or, ghetto?) and selected the photo that best suited his profile.

So. Awkward.

So. Awkward.

From my insane nesting/nursery design days, I had a leftover canvas I purchased from the local book shop. I printed his photo, cut it out and traced the image onto the canvas. I wanted a bold colour, so I used a blue acrylic paint I had leftover from the previously mentioned insane decorating days.

As you’ll see, it’s hung up in our laundry room beneath a card I once bought for Toby from a local shop.

dog cardWe now always call Tux a, ‘great dog’.

And, yes, this is our new laundry room, thanks for asking! Well it’s obviously still the same laundry room, but it’s no longer sporting bird borders, gold door knobs and wooden pegs.

This was the before:

laundry room before

laundry room before 2

And here it is now.

Laundry room

As my decorating friend said, “It looks like it lost 50 lbs!”

As you can see, I’m too lazy to clean up my laundry room today to provide an updated image with the dog pictures. But you can imagine it, right? Ok, fine. Here it is. And, really, this is what our laundry room looks like 94% of the time.

laundry room after

I think I’m going to line up the photos together.

So, there, Tux. You can no longer say we don’t care about you. You’re in our stinkin’ laundry room.




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