“No. Go.”

These two are inseparable.

There's likely applesauce on his face.

There’s likely applesauce on his face.

Our dog, Tux, has always been protective of Alex and will run into his room when he cries out. But his love grew even more for the new addition when Alex started to eat from his high chair.

Alex loves to play a game in which he chucks food on the floor and happily watches Tux chase after it. Alex screams with glee while Tux anxiously eats up the people food.

Although there’s a mealtime rule that Tux has to lie out of the kitchen and can’t approach Alex’s high chair until he’s been taken out of it, I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve scolded Tux for going for the food. “No. Go lie down” is a statement familiar to Tux. And it’s apparently familiar to Alex as well.

This weekend, while sitting like a king in his chair, Alex chucked a piece of toast onto the floor, looked at the dog, and then repeatedly stated in a deep voice, “No. Go.”

What a tease.

Tux update: He’s lost two lbs!


3 thoughts on ““No. Go.”

  1. This is a common occurrence at our house right now too…except we don’t have a dog to do the clean up. Very jealous lol

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