Five ways to save money at home

In my quest to crunch my spending habits this month, I’ve been trying to find ways to save a penny nickel in all facets. Honestly, in about six days’ time, you’ll likely be finding me scouring the yellow bins looking for beer bottles to recycle/drink from. If you see me doing this in town, it wouldn’t hurt to stop and throw a quarter my way a la John Candy.


“Here’s a quarter…”

ANNNNYWAY, I’ve had to think about some ways to save in the spending department, so I took to the internet and conversations with friends to discover how to save some coin and turn those ideas into lifelong habits:

1. Make my own eye make-up remover. A Facebook friend posted the article, 31 Household Products you’ll never to have to buy again. Because I need to purchase eye make-up remover this month, I snagged the homemade eye make-up remover idea and made it myself. It’s one tsp. coconut oil mixed with 1/2 tsp no tears baby wash and water. Verdict? Not bad. I already had both items in stock, making it a cheap purchase for me. It’s not as good as the store bought stuff, but it does the job. Cost: $0.

2. Only buy meat if it’s less than $3/lb. When I last met with my book club, we talked about my quest for financial success. One book clubber says her family’s rule is to only purchase meat when it’s priced less than $3/lb. I’d always look for meat deals in the flyer, but this tip gave me context about what actually makes a good deal. It’s near impossible to get chicken at this price, but it’s a good guideline for other meats. Another tip is to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our meal plans.

3. Watch free-programming television. We still has the old-fashioned television tower hovering alongside the house. We recently hooked it up and we get about 8 free English channels, most of which are in high definition. They’re all Canadian stations, including CBC, CTV and OMNI. It gives me a television fix AND we’ll be saving $60/month in our Bell television bills. If you don’t have the tower then you can purchase rabbit ears at stores such as The Source. This is free for all Canadians, but the channel availability depends on your location.

4. Remove myself from e-temptations. I used to be on this Lulu Lovers Facebook page in which people sell their used Lululemon clothing items. As soon as someone posts a good find (i.e. size six scuba hoodie for $60), the group members would jump on the sale like the hyenas on Scar in the Lion King. I would constantly be checking this group to see if there are any good finds, even though I’d never make a purchase. But the constant access to potentially finding a ‘good deal’, I feel, led to my desire to want to spend money in other ways. I recently took a deep breath and deleted myself from the Lulu group. I also unsubscribed to email notifications for shops so I’m not tempted to make instantaneous purchases. By eliminating the e-temptations, I’m not allowing the internet to make me want to spend. Next step: eliminate my Pinterest account. Feck.

5. Re-use existing hardware in your home. Our home was built in 1979 and we inherited the same ugly, gold doorknobs. During our recent laundry room mini-makeover, I was dying to switch up the hardware. Instead, I purchased Rustoleum oil-rubbed spray paint in bronze. I took off the knobs, sprayed ’em up and gave the ugly pieces a quick makeover by spending just $10.



Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze

You can also take this same approach with bathroom hardware (which I also did) and kitchen cabinets handles and knobs. Find ways to renew your home’s ugly features by finding inexpensive ways to refresh the style. Obviously the best answer is to not spend any money at all, but it gives me house pride while not breaking the bank.



Question: What are some ways you save money for your home?



3 thoughts on “Five ways to save money at home

  1. Hey Cathy!

    Just wanted to say I really love your blogs and really look forward to reading them! I am also trying to save $$$ and do more with less so I especially love your recent financial posts! I feel all of the same withdrawal symptoms as you! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to all the blogs to come.

  2. Going back to work has forced me to meal plan. Being a working mom with a husband that works shift leaves little time for ad-hoc trips to the grocery store. I have seen our grocery bill significantly decrease and food go further when I actually sit down and plan out everything that we need to eat that week – lunches and dinners. I think about what we already have and that eliminates the guessing at the grocery store. We waste less (still not where I want us to be yet on this one) and do a lot more freezer meals that are healthy and quick for momma after a long day at work. 🙂

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