Sunday Happenings

I love Sunday mornings.

Each week, I get Alex ready for Church and although he shrieks for the majority of the mass (holy shart, my nerves are shot after that hour), it’s a Sunday morning tradition I’ve grown to love.

We then get home and Alex goes to bed. That’s when I get an HOUR to myself before Toby comes home from hockey with a Tim Horton’s coffee in hand for me.

Again. I love Sunday mornings.

That is, until this past Sunday morning. When we got home from Church, I saw there was a message on our phone.

It was Toby.

“Hi. I’m at the hospital. I’m pretty sure I broke my wrist. I forgot my phone at home. So I’ll call you and let you know what happens.” Click.

Okay…so who is going to bring me my Tim’s coffee?

I brought Alex to my sister’s place and headed over to the hospital where we waited for more than four hours to get confirmation that, yes, he did break his radius.

Broken Wrist

He’ll get a better idea about the next steps when he meets with the specialist this week. Until then, no baby handling, cooking, dog walking for him.

On a financial note, I can see how family emergencies can quickly eat up drawer money. When waiting at the hospital, I headed out and picked up lunch for us: $16.76. Then I picked up my hair product at the drugstore when also picking up Advil. Another $12.

Here’s my challenge for the week: Don’t be tempted to pick up an easy dinner meal because life is busy. I don’t want to spend the cash. To make this happen, I’ll need to do some prep for dinners ahead of time and plan on easy, quick meals.


Question: How do you respond to family emergencies?

Do all one-year-olds shriek at Church?





2 thoughts on “Sunday Happenings

  1. I love it when Alex shrieks! It means he is talking to me from across the aisle at Mass. (He is soooo darn cute). Hope Toby gets better soon!

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