Spending Withdrawal

Financial Proverbs:

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Anonymous 

“It’s not what you make; it’s what you keep.” – Anonymous

“F#$k, this is hard.” – Cathy James, 2014

You’ll be proud of me. Following last week’s post on how I’ll monitor my spending money, I had five “No Spend” days. FIVE! The proof is in my pudding tracking:

Insert Back Pat.

Insert Back Pat.

Heck, that now leaves me with $4.76/day!

Then the weekend approached. I became agitated and started to make a mental list of the things I said I wanted to buy this month: eye make-up remover, conditioner, etc. Then I looked at this week’s newspaper flyers. There’s a retro sun clock on sale and I’ve been looking for one of these FOREVER. I’m pretty sure it’s a need. I also need to purchase a new window covering for our powder room. I’m quite sure that’s a need – at least for my neighbour’s sake.

As my mental spending list grew longer, my mind raced about making these purchases a reality. I had to keep reminding myself about how I only have $100 left for the month. On Friday night, I looked at my husband with one eye twitching, and declared, “I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing spending withdrawal.”

I then mentally declared I needed wine. But we’re all out. And I don’t want to spend the money.

More eye twitching.

I now understand why most New Year’s Resolutions go down the crapper at this point. We’re motivated for a week as we make those bold declarations of intended change. But we quickly realize our commitments require dedication, compromise and likely some tears. And probably little wine.

F#$k, this is hard.

As I go through the weekend, I have to keep myself busy and away from spending opportunities. Otherwise, I’ll eat up that remaining money at only 11 days in.

Continued eye twitching…


Question: How do you keep your spending temptations at bay?

Can I come over and drink your wine?


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