I don’t know what to blog about…

Umm…hello, there.

Yes, it’s been five weeks since I’ve blogged. December is usually a busy time at work, as I am often faced with deadlines before the New Year hits. I’m so grateful for my clients and the worked I get to do on their behalf!

While it’s been busy at work and at home (how many times in a day do I have to navigate my son away from the stairs?), I actually have another excuse for my blogging absence.

I don’t know what to blog about…

Most bloggers have a purpose. Whether it’s for fitness, finance, recipes or mommy advice, they give their readers a reason to visit their blog.

I’m far from a personal trainer, kid expert (he’s still alive!), or chef (unless scooping out a bowl of candy cane ice cream counts.).

I’ve always said I blog for myself to document our household’s everyday conversations, milestones, challenges and dog farts. Let me tell ya, there are a lot of the latter.

But I also need a blogging goal. Last time I create a blog, I documented my marathon training while en route to turning 30. As a result, I’ve been crafting up a plan to introduce to this blog in the New Year to get my writing butt in gear.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on in our house as of late:

Turning one…


The only photo I took Christmas morning #momfail…


Going au natural….


(Yes, mom, this really is my natural hair colour!)

Evidence is in the roots…


And this gem…


We are working on a laundry room mini-makeover, and it has included bird border removal and priming forest green trim.

Here’s the before…


Happy New Year and see you in a few days!


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