Updating Our Home

When it comes to my birthday, I take a different approach to gift receiving. Rather than hope my husband has been listening to clues about things I’d like to receive as gifts (“Did you know Tiffany & Co. is now online?!” -2006), I just tell him what I’d like to get for a gift.

Greedy? Yes.

Insensitive? Probably.

Genius? Most definitely.

I’d rather just let him know what I’d like and I think he appreciates that he knows he can get me something and know I’ll like it. That is, until I told him what I wanted this year for my birthday: paint.

We purchased our home 1.5 years ago and we’ve been living with a stark white living room with wood trim. And it has window shears. Top it off with a glass-covered chandelier. *Shudder*


Ugly living room

Ugly living room


I picked a paint colour I knew worked well as it’s our master bedroom colour: Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray

So, last weekend, Toby hit the walls with the paintbrush. The room is alive!

Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray

Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray


So. Much. Better.

The only stipulation from my husband was what most husbands likely tell their wives (I hope?): Now that we’ve painted, it doesn’t mean you can go out and spend all this money to put the room together.

That’s like telling Martha Stewart she can’t sell stocks after receiving some pertinent information.

The room itself is a huge space and we’re not planning to furnish it because A) It’s Alex’s play area; and B) We don’t have any money. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to add art, curtains, throw pillows (angry husbands scoffing around the world) to the room.

My husband does know me too well: Now that we’ve made this change, I want to shop my face off (how does one even do that?!).

Here’s what I’ve dreamed up for this room:

  • Stain the wood banister a rich stain (Toby’s suggestion!)
  • White curtains or colourful curtains to lighten up the room
  • A huge clock for the wall
  • A collage of photos for the floating wall
  • Paint the trim white
  • Replace the pendant light
  • Long term: rip out carpets and change the trim

I’m going to create a mood board and share it once it’s crafted. It will be Toby’s Christmas present!


Question: What paint colours are you loving these days?

Angry Husband Question: How many throw pillows are in your home?

Scary Question: Have you ever shopped your face off?


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