A Good Story.

It’s difficult to find the positive in each day. I wish I was an eternal optimist, but like everyone, I struggle to find that ‘cup-half-full’ approach.

And then I heard this story. It’s one of those pieces that makes your heart melt. And smile.

I had already decided to run the Terry Fox Run this year, thanks to the urging of my sister. We’re going to run the 5 – no – 10-km route in honour of loved ones who have been hit with the C Word, including our father.

My dad loves a GOOD story. I know he’ll love this story.

We be walkin.

We be walkin.

For that, we run – or walk or rollerblade – for those good stories.

Here it is:

“A fortunate find combined with a stroke of luck led to a considerate donation to next weekend’s Terry Fox Run here in Perth.

Two weeks ago, Mariposa Design owner Susan Storie happened upon a hearing aid. Her friend found it located outside her shop on Foster Street. Not knowing the rightful owner, the friend brought it into Storie’s store. Storie then began her quest. She called Town Hall and OPP, verifying whether someone had reported a lost hearing aid. With no luck, she kept it in her shop and hoped its owner would return to Foster Street. Sure enough, he did. A 90-year-old man walked into Mariposa and explained how he lost his hearing aid. She smiled at him and replied, “I have it here.” Wanting to thank her, the man started to pull out his wallet, but Storie immediately denied any monetary reward.

As an alternative, the man suggested giving a donation to a charity of her choice. Storie selected the local Terry Fox Run.

The man gladly provided a donation as he explained to Storie that Fox ran by his house on Highway 2 in 1980 when he tried to write a cheque to hand to Terry, but couldn’t do it quick enough. He has now made his donation to the Marathon of Hope.”


Want to sponsor my run? Please do so at Cathy’s Terry Fox Run Page



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