Getting Our Veggie Basket On

Have you ever seen the South Park episode when the smug yuppies drive hybrid cars and think their poop doesn’t stink? So much so that they smell their own farts?

This is us. Right now. Except it’s because we’re buying farm-fresh veggies.

How about I start from the beginning?

There is only one person in the James family household who loves vegetables. And that’s our eight-month-old son, Alex. I’m quite confident he got switched at birth. He hates bananas, blueberries and apples but loves butternut squash, zucchini and green beans. Who is this child?

Rather than return him to the hospital, Toby and I thought we’d follow his lead.

Because Toby and I are brutal with our vegetable intake – unless chips count – we decided to make another attempt to get our 5-10 a day. So we signed up for a veggie basket program.

Cue the fart-smelling!

Miller’s Bay Farm is located less than 10 minutes from our house and each Thursday afternoon, Alex and I drive out and pick up a basket filled with vegetables.

Last week our basket included six corn on the cob, a large basket of potatoes, an onion, zucchini, cucumber and a bunch of carrots. We also had the option to bring home a 5-lb zucchini. I did, and gave it to a friend who loves to make zucchini muffins and lasagna. What an awkward gift. The vegetables are so fresh and we look forward to discovering what’s inside the basket each week.

We joined the program a bit late, but we estimate the “Basket for 2” costs us $11 each week.

And? Success.

Here’s why:

  • Because we’ve paid money for the program, we’re keen not to waste our funds;
  • The basket sits on our kitchen table all week, which means we actually do something about it;
  • As each Thursday approaches, we do an inventory on our remaining vegetables and use them up before the next basket arrives;
  • It’s farm fresh; and
  • It’s local.

Alex is also cashing in:

Miller's Bay Farm

They send us a weekly email to give us produce updates and tips on how to use the veggies. This week we’re going to get kale. I’m nervous. I tried Kale chips once and they didn’t go over well. But this is why the veggie basket is such a great idea. We’re trying out veggies we’d normally avoid in the grocery’s store produce section.

And hey, if I don’t like the kale, perhaps Alex can have it and I can have chips.

Just for one night.


How do you get your 5-10?

Do you smell your own farts? Gross.


2 thoughts on “Getting Our Veggie Basket On

  1. We signed up for a veggie basket delivery this year and I’m loving it!

    I find it forces me to meal plan, to make sure we use up anything that goes bad quickly. This week we got a ton of cauliflower so I went a little pinterest crazy and found a healthified version of alfredo sauce. Worth a try?

    Kale: good in smoothies if you have a tough blender, also good steamed with a little olive oil and dried cranberries.

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