Seven months and 14 days: Remembering the things I love

I just read a friend’s blog who cited some of her conversations with her children. It reminded me that I shouldn’t wait for landmark days to pen milestones and funny happenings with Alex. So here are the things I love about Alex, who is seven months and 14 days old:

-I love when we place him on his back in the bathtub,  he kicks so much he splashes water in his face. He laughs, screams and kicks some more. When I take him out, he cries.

-I love when he hears someone’s voice on the speaker phone, his eyes light up and he smiles. Then kicks. Especially if it’s Toby or my mom on the line.

– I love how if there was a rugby game going on in our living room, it wouldn’t matter to Alex if he spotted our dog, Tux, walk into the room. He is obsessed and talks at Tux when he sees him.

'Hey! Dog! Over here!'

‘Hey! Dog! Over here!’

-I love how every so often, I let him play with his food. It’s worked against me as he now always wants the bowl. But who cares?

Finger foods

Finger foods

-I love how he loves to swim.

-I love how he can look so different with every photo.

Alex bed

'Got any Yellow Sun?'

‘Got any Yellow Sun?’

-I love how he is now trying to make US laugh. Whenever we ask him a question, he’ll shake his head furiously with a smile. Then he gets a bit dizzy. Or when I try to get him to say “MaMa”, he smiles and replies with “DaDa”.

– I love how whenever I pull out a book, he smiles and kicks his legs.

Alex book

– I love how singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat soothes him every time he fusses on the change table.

– I love how his bottom lip pops out when he gets scared and bursts into tears. It melts my heart.

-I love that he already has a sense of humour (or so I think).

Alex funny man


(Sidenote: He rolls to the curtains each day to play peak-a-boo with them. While kicking his feet. I'm not a bad mom. Promise.)

(Sidenote: He rolls to the curtains each day to play peak-a-boo with them. While kicking his feet. I’m not a bad mom. Promise.)

– I love putting him to bed each night.

– I love that I miss him and can’t wait to see him again in the morning.


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