Curtains, dog, no tv: updates

Doesn’t life sound thrilling when I’m excited to provide an update on the curtains in our home, the dog’s weight and how we’re surviving without any television?

I agree.

It’s like life on a roller coaster (side note: I ALWAYS get clichés and one-liners incorrect. It drives Toby nuts. Yesterday morning I said, “it came in at the ninth hour”. I think he had a mild stroke.).

First: The Curtains

Whenever the weekend is approaching, Toby is smart to outline our expectations for the next two days. Why? Because I usually have a lot of them that I don’t always communicate in a clear and concise manner. Or at all. So every Thursday evening or Friday morning, I get the, “okay, so what did you have planned for this weekend?” question.

He was made well aware that I wanted the nursery and office curtains to go up this past weekend.

And that they did.

nursery curtains


On bad days, I stare a hole through that poster. While breathing into a paper bag.

On bad days, I stare a hole through that poster. While breathing into a paper bag.

No more tablecloths!


B: The Dog

A month ago I swore we would work on chopping down our dog’s weight. He had gained five pounds since our baby was born. So we set out on a Tux boot camp and getting him out for walks twice a day. On top of that, our neighbhour hasn’t been around so the dog has also lost the two daily treats that could have also contributed to his weight gain.

We returned to the vet on Friday afternoon. I was anxious, yet excited, to see just how far he’s come.

One month ago he weighed 79 lb.

On Friday? 81.


Our vet encouraged us to continue our boot camp quest and to change his food, which has a high calorie count. If nothing changes and he continues to gain weight, he’ll get his thyroid checked. I don’t know how and when we’ll break the news to Alex that we spent his education savings on doggy blood work.


Last, but not least: the television

A week ago we pulled the plug on our Bell Satellite Service. We haven’t been watching much television and it was costing us $87/month.

So how are we doing? Well, Toby and I talk to each other a lot more, that’s for sure. Even about our feelings. And curtains.

Plus, we’re getting a lot more done around the house. On Sunday afternoon, Toby was out mowing the lawn while Alex was napping. I had already cleaned the house and put away the laundry on Saturday night (sexy, right?). With little else to do, I stretched. I took a half hour and worked on my hamstrings, hips and calves. I even foam rolled. It seemed a lot more productive than finding out why Scott cheated on Kourtney again or how Bruce got his ears pierced.

I know, know, know we will embrace television again come winter. But for now, we’re enjoying one less thing making noise in our house.

We’ll burn that bridge when we cross it.


Does your dog have a thyroid problem?

Do you have any money left for your child’s education?

Do you think Bruce is dead inside?


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