Hanging Pictures in our House

It’s official! We’ve been homeowners for an entire year.

It’s also official – the place looks like we just moved in. That’s not entirely true. What I mean is that we have approximately two pictures hanging up in our entire household.


Because I’m hesitant to get any others put up.


Because when my husband and I do hang pictures together on the walls, it usually consists of me having bouts of indecisiveness while he impatiently stands by the wall holding the picture, waiting for my direction. It gets tense, Toby sighs quite loudly and I tend to walk away from it after about 73 seconds. Why I don’t just learn how to use drywall screws on my own, I don’t know. It’s one of those things that I think Toby just needs to do. I’m sure he feels the same way.

This is one of the two photos hanging in our house. It's a painting by Toby's grandfather.

This is one of the two photos hanging in our house. It’s a painting by Toby’s grandfather.

This week I’ve decided it’s time to hang the remaining pictures around the house.


Because my friend told me about the 3M Command strips and how I no longer need to use screws. I confidently shared this news with Toby this week.

Except, I noted, he still has to hang the curtain rods in the bedrooms. I finally bought those this week.


“We don’t need to hang up things if there is no function,” he tried telling me last night while we were getting Alex ready for bed.

“So what about the tablecloth currently covering Alex’s bedroom window? Would you say it’s time to change that?” I quipped.

“No, it serves its function!” (every man is nodding their head right now, aren’t they?)

“What happens when we have people over and need to use the tablecloth as an actual tablecloth?”

“We have blankets we could use as tablecloths!”

One women’s desire to beautify the home versus a man’s practical approach to the home don’t always get us to where we each want to go. Let’s all hope these Command Strips breathe new life into our walls as opposed to watching steam escape from Toby’s ears.

Update: The picture frames I bought are too thin for the command strips. Fart.



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