Help: We Cancelled our Television Subscription

Last night Toby and I pulled the plug on a home staple that we’ve loved for years: we cancelled our Bell satellite subscription.

Actually, we just suspended it. Regardless, we’re without television.

When my eldest sister cancelled their family’s television subscription about five years ago, I thought she was nuts.

“How can you live without having access to life’s greatest invention?” I pondered, while catching up on 2001 episodes of Will and Grace.

But now I totally get it.

Working three days a week and coming home to only have two hours to spend with the little man, it’s rare we watch television. And when it is on, it’s usually a ball game playing in the background. It’s just another piece of brain clutter that we have felt hasn’t played a helpful role in our self-professed chaotic lives. We’ve been talking about cancelling for months and last night, I finally made the call.

(Side note: You can suspend your Bell subscription for up to seven months. They will charge you a $15 monthly suspension fee. That’s when you say: well, how much is it to cancel altogether? They will then waive your suspension fee).

Today is day one of no television. It was weird to not have the option to turn on the television. That said, with Jay and Dan now gone on TSN, I have little reason to switch it on in the morning.

Without television, who will babysit my child?

Without television, who will babysit my child?

If we’re ever jonesing for some tv time, we have a Netflix subscription, which is peanuts compared to the $87 we were paying each month. And I’m sure we’ll switch the subscription back on when the cold season approaches and we are hibernating/need something to distract Alex.

In the meantime, if you want to let me know what happens on Will and Grace this Saturday morning on the W Network, I’d appreciate it.


Do you find the tv to be brain clutter?

Have you ever cancelled your television subscription?

Does Dora the Explorer babysit your child?


5 thoughts on “Help: We Cancelled our Television Subscription

  1. You could always get over the air digital for free with a digital receiver… although I strongly approve of no TV at all (it’s been 7 years for me now!)

  2. We unplugged a month ago and have Apple TV, Netflix and steaming online. We’re saving over $1000 a year (we also ditched our home phone). Smartest thing we’ve ever done! I don’t find myself sitting mindless in front of the TV for hours on end! Welcome to the club! Although I’m dreading MAT leave without Kelly and Michael!

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