The Strange Noise

Last night Toby and I are heading up to bed. Each night he will sneak into Alex’s room and check in on him. As I walked by Alex’s room, I see Toby’s cell phone shining over top Alex.

“Stop that!”, I quip in a stern whisper.

“You could run a train through his room and he wouldn’t know,” he responded.

We headed to our bedroom where I took the opportunity to tell Toby every single thing that happened in my day. He was obviously enthralled with my stories until suddenly, we heard a strange noise come from Alex’s room. We both strained to hear it better.

Thinking it was Alex, we figured he was waking up.

“It’s probably because you had a cell phone light dance party in his room.”

“He probably woke up because you’re talking so loudly.”

The noise stopped so we tucked ourselves into bed.

“Why hasn’t the dog come to bed yet?” I ask.

SIDE NOTE: (I always ask Toby questions even if I know he would not have the answer – whether it’s a movie scene or someone driving erratically, I ALWAYS ask, “What is happening?” or “Why’d they do that?”, even though he’s watching the exact same thing as I am and wouldn’t be able to answer the question).

Please don't call animal control on me, Tux.

Please don’t call animal control on me, Tux.

“I dunno, didn’t you let him outside a while ago?”

The next thing I know, I’m jetting downstairs to go let the dog inside. The poor thing was standing on the back deck and watched us shut down the house for the night.

That’s what was making the strange noise. He was barking, trying to get our attention.

When I returned to our bedroom Toby was lying in bed, eyes shut with a smile on his face.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I said.

“I didn’t say a thing.”



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