The flu, baby vomit and the Perth Kilt Run: All in that order

Last week was a doozy.

Let’s review!

  • Our household was hit with the flu and that included our six-month-old guy, Alex. He was fussy on Wednesday and Thursday and when we attempted to give him some Tylenol to help with his fever at 2 a.m., we accidentally hit his gag reflex.
  • Puke. was. everywhere.
  • It was as though a fire hydrant was turned on and the vomit was the water splashing out. All over Alex. All over me. All over the bathroom floor (you’re not eating lunch as you read this, are you?).
  • As soon as it happened, Toby and I looked at each other and we burst into laughter. Not because Alex was sick, but just because of our shock as to how much is contained inside our little man. Wowza.
Check out those bags.

Check out those bags.

  • Alex finally turned a corner on Saturday. With that, I decided that I was recovered enough from the flu and sleep deprivation to run the Perth Kilt Run. It’s an 8-km race that streams its way through downtown Perth. All runners are required to wear kilts and it’s just a fun race. It was my post-pregnancy goal, so I wanted to make this happen. Flu or no flu.
  • I did it in just under 45 minutes and was happy with the time. It was so much fun! But I then felt dizzy after the race. Stupid, stupid.
  • I’m still feeling the effects of the flu and running a race. Stubborn, stubborn.
  • We finally finished hired someone to complete the fence work in our backyard. Our dog, Tux, can now run free outside. If a dog can smile, then Tux’s cheeks must hurt.
"This almost makes up for dealing with months of baby screams"

“This almost makes up for dealing with months of baby screams”


How do you deal with your baby’s sickness?

Have you ever run a race when you’re not at your best?

Can you come over and  clean our house?



2 thoughts on “The flu, baby vomit and the Perth Kilt Run: All in that order

  1. Baby Flu/Cold: grandparents to the rescue always gives momma a chance to catch up on sleep and the “snot sucker” from Cheeky Monkey works wonders!

    Clean House: hired a housekeeper and don’t feel one ounce of guilt; best money spent ever! She comes once a month right now but I’m trying to get her to come every other week if/when her schedule opens up.

    No running for this girl. The second my speed walk turns into a run I’m immediately angry – not sure why this happens?! … If you see me running, know that something is chasing me and you’d better start running too 😉

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