Banana Puke and Moms With Bums

Today. Was. Insane.

Let’s review:
1:22 am: Alex is so hungry he screams when I put him down on the change table. So I balanced the bottom of his bottle with my chin so he could eat while I changed his diaper.

5:28 am: another feed. I’m scrambling to get ready for boot camp, which begins in 27 minutes.

5:55 am: I make it to boot camp and push hard in the tempo run intervals. I’m on a high.

7-8 am: shower, chug coffee, eat eggs, prep bags for daycare.

8:11am: wake up the little man. Pack him up, pick up formula at the grocery store, drop him off at daycare.


Good morning.

9 am: return to grocery store, buy groceries, contemplate kraft dinner purchase for eighth week in a row. Buy a Febreeze plug in instead.

10:15 am: come home, stare at our house bomb.

10:30 : ignore house bomb, eat three cookies, start work.

2 pm: overcome fear of making homemade baby food. Puree beans, sweet potato and apples.

3:30 pm: meet my sister’s kids at their place after school. Try not to laugh when they say weiner.

4:30 pm: pack the weiners into the car to pick Alex up at daycare. Tell them to act good. They practice what they’ll say when they arrive at daycare: “wow, I like your shirt.” ” whoa, cool diaper”.

5pm: return to sister’s and eat dinner together. Feed Alex banana for first time. He almost falls asleep in high chair.

6 pm: come home and meet my parents. Give Alex a bath after he pukes up banana on his towel. Sternly tell dog not to eat banana puke.

630 pm: head to Lanark for work meeting.

9:15 pm: return home from meeting. Chat with my parents and repeatedly thank them for Alex-sitting, as Toby is away for work.

10 pm: chat with Toby on phone. Express my jealousy over his hotel room and the stellar sleep he is about to get.

10:30 pm: stare at my mom bum.

And…here we are. It was such a busy day, but I incorporated work, family and cookies into the schedule.  I think this is a typical day for moms with bums. It was awesome and completely insane all at the same time.


I’d say he is worth every moment.

But please pass the wine.


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