Getting Rid of my ‘Mommy Brain’

Holy man, I’m brutal at blog writing these days! Work has been so busy lately and combine that with having some sleepless nights and Jolly Jumping, life has been too busy to allow me to sit down and write.

Here’s what the past month has been like:

  • I’m working about 30 hours a week
  • Our son hasn’t been sleeping too well
  • I couldn’t time manage worth a poop
  • I couldn’t remember what day it was, let alone what we needed from the grocery store

In essence, I was dealing with a major case of Mommy Brain.

Mommy Brain

I recently shared this frustration with my friend, Conor, who I now call  my nutritionist and life coach. Honestly, this guy got me through my marathon two years ago and helped me with my pregnancy challenges. Now, he’s helping me deal with life’s newest obstacles.

One evening I told him how I kept messing up on small details with work and how I couldn’t keep details straight. My time management was also a concern.

Here’s how our conversation then proceeded:

“What are you having for breakfast?” he asked.

Like any four-year-old child would respond, I replied: “Peanut butter and jam on white toast.”

“Okay, stop eating that.”

So Conor set me up with a plan. Actually, it was one simple change: Breakfast.

He said to have two eggs and half an avocado for breakfast. He also said I could have bacon each morning, but with colon cancer in our family history, I want to avoid that.

On top of that, I am to take three fish oil supplements a day as well as a Vitamin B5 and B6 supplement.

I also cut out dairy – my own idea.

And that’s when the fog cleared.

Honestly, I became a new person. I was remembering every detail and I’m a speedster at my work now. I’m focused, no longer exhausted (even thought the little man is still up two to three times a night) and, to Toby’s delight, I’m not as cranky. To my delight, I’m not as bloated.

That’s how I got rid of my mommy brain. I’m sure it will return, but I’ll continue to eat my protein-enriched breakfast with a side of brain food. And yes, I’ll cave and eat that bacon every so often.


Do you have Mommy Brain? How do you deal?

How much bacon can you eat in a serving?



5 thoughts on “Getting Rid of my ‘Mommy Brain’

  1. Thats the same breakfast plan my trainer had me on last year. Lately I’ve been grabbing shakes because I sleep in too late. I need to start getting up early and eating proper breakfast. I function so much better.

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