Celebrating Alex’s Baptism

Sunday was Alex’s baptismal day.

Boy, was it ever special. I can’t define why exactly, but when I woke up Sunday morning, it felt like Christmas morning.

I was so excited for the ceremony. My uncle got to baptize him. Toby’s mom was up for the weekend. Cousins, aunts and grandparents were on hand to celebrate. I was one proud and excited mom.


Alex lasted through the mass, which took place prior to his baptism. He only shrieked twice (at the top of his lungs) and all his cousins laughed at him. He was so, so, so tired by the time we got him up to the front of the church for the baptism. But he was a champ.

He yelled out when we were asked about our intentions for him.

When the water poured over his head, he looked over at my sister and laughed.

Then, he screamed and immediately fell asleep.

I love that kid’s timing.

I think what I liked so much about the day is that it was the first time we’ve had a special event just for him. We celebrated his first step into becoming a part of the church community and our family got together to mark that milestone. And the cake didn’t hurt either.




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