The First Mother’s Day

I gotta say, experiencing Mother’s Day is similar to having a birthday! You know you’ll be recognized by loved ones and you can pretty much get away with anything.

That said, we just got back from a weekend away and the majority of Mother’s Day was spent in a van driving home and trying to pretend I was napping to help convince our five-month-old to shut his eyes and mouth for more than four kilometres. It worked for a little while and for the rest of the time, I worked to make him giggle. Win win.

Enough about Alex. Today is about ME. And all my mother lovers.


Here are some mother-centered tributes from one of my favourites, the Lonely Island. Word of warning: These aren’t work/Aunt P safe. 🙂


But my favourite? It is definitely: Mama. There is no video, but I just love the notion and I worry that one day, I’ll be making ants on a log for my sons while they try to rap in their bedroom.



How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?


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