Shaving my legs and other ways I now ‘spoil’ myself

Yesterday was a weird day. Alex has been fighting a cold and the flu for two weeks now and his journey continued yesterday. I’m pretty sure I spent the day with Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he was cooing and batting his eyelashes at me and then in a flash he was shrieking as though I’d given him a diaper wedgie while trying to pull his teeth out from under his gums.

Toby worked a long day so when he got home, I headed to the bathroom to take a long, hot shower.

“Oh, yeah,” I thought to myself with a sense of excitement. “I’m going to shave my legs!” That’s when it dawned on me: holy crap, how did these minute, once daily activities turn into a luxury?

Source: Arbuckle’s Gourmet Coffee

It got me thinking about what other kinds of things I do (post-baby) that now seems as though I’ve won the lottery:

1. Grocery Shopping. A friend once told me that her friend, who is a mom, goes to the grocery store each Saturday morning on her own. She leaves her family at home, picks up a coffee on the way, and then takes her sweet time in the store. I’ve since adopted that approach and Sunday morning groceries have now been a way for me to get ‘me’ time while also feeling like I’m getting organized for the week. I love the way it forces me to slow down, take my time and eat up the solo adventure. Jesus H, that sounds pathetic.

2. Walking the Dog. Before the baby arrived, walking the dog was a daily task that, while annoying at the time, was a good excuse to get some extra exercise. Now? It’s like a ticket to the outside world! When Toby gets home from work, our dog, Tux, knows it’s go time. That’s when I usually say, “I’d love to take Tux out right now.” Reading between the lines? “I’d love to get the heck outta the house and pretend I’m normal while I watch my dog try to eat every stick he sees on the street.”

3. Drinking Hot Coffee. Enough said.

4. Having Clean Floors. I never thought twice about having clean floors. Until it became nearly impossible to keep up with the household chores.  I LOVE a clean house, so it’s hard to see it crumble to a million pieces every seven minutes. Now, whenever I vacuum or mop the floors, I literally walk around the house afterwards and review my good work. Toby also knows when he gets home from work, he’s best to say: “Good job, Cathy”. I’m not exaggerating.

5. Sleeping. Duh.


What are some post-baby activities you do that you now don’t take for granted?

What is an activity you do to make you feel normal?

Does your dog eat sticks?



6 thoughts on “Shaving my legs and other ways I now ‘spoil’ myself

  1. Cathy, I really enjoy your blog…I nod with you the whole way! Paul took the girls to visit the cottage this March Break and I stayed back to grade and work. The very first thing I did (on a Friday night)…cleaned my house. Deep cleaned! That way I could enjoy it CLEAN the whole time they were gone. Pathetic!

  2. Love your blog! It’s hilarious!!! So with you on the hot coffee thing. I think when my kids were small everything I ate or drank was cold or luke warm at best! Even my cold cereal would end up soggy! I’d have to say as my kids get older I would like just one hot bath without pounding on the door (because I dared to lock it) and the incessant “mom” “mom” “mom” from the other side…’s not just babies that interrupt “me” time! As for the dog…he eats his own crap. I’d be happy if he just ate sticks!!! Keep up the blogging!

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