Introductions and Formalities

With cracked wooden floors and a stench that resembled Molson Ex, The Imperial, better known as Club I, was the place to go for daily drinkers and locals returning home for the summer from school. Thankfully, I was in the latter group.

I was sipping on a beer nearly eight years ago, I saw him across the room at Club I.

We love each other.

We love each other.

His dad coached me in softball. We were in the same World Religions class in high school. But I barely knew a thing about him. Until that night. We both discovered our passion for snickering at the daily drinkers whose mission was to make a mess out on the dance floor.

That was the day I fell in love with my now husband. After our first date, I received confirmation it was the real thing. Especially when I discovered his dog shared the same name as an ex. The stars were aligning.

That summer, we talked. A lot. We both agreed we had always wanted to be parents and decided that if we ever had kids, our first-born would be named Alex.

And so it was.

This past year, we welcomed our first son into our lives, Alexander Gregory. Named after our two fathers and born on my grandfather’s birthday, Alex started a new journey into our two-year marriage that transformed us into a family.

Ali G

Ali G

This is the story about me, my husband, Toby, and our son, Alex, and dog, Tux. And how I can’t have a shower without turning off the taps and straining to hear for any squawks coming from the crib. Or spotting any vomit on the carpet from our dog.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • Toby and I married in 2010. Our wedding was the most amazing day, filled with family and friends. My favourite part of the day was when he and I split a Coors Light in the park after photos and shared a moment to review the day’s events.
  • Toby and I both wear glasses and fear our child will have to get them when he’s six months old.
  • We will feed Alex many carrots.
  • Before the baby, these questions were commonly asked in our household: Are you hungry? sleepy? gassy? These were asked by Toby to decipher my problem of the moment.
  • Toby half smiles when I catch him in a fib. Usually when I ask him how many coffees he’s had that day, after getting elbowed in bed during a restless sleep.

This blog is my outlet to discuss my life living on Jessie Drive. We purchased our first home this past summer, just months before welcoming Alex into our nest. The house has the same trim from when it was first built 40 years ago; laundry is everywhere; and the dog laps up the baby puke off the scratched hardwood floor. I’ll share honest household moments while navigating our way through our first weeks, months and years doing what we said we would do that first summer together – become parents.


2 thoughts on “Introductions and Formalities

  1. I love this too!! So happy you are writing again and can’t wait to follow along as you put the amazing experience of parenthood into words. Xoxo

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